We give you the wings.

You just touch the sky.

About me



- Paragliding Sport Instructor (1990) ratified by the Spanish Aeronautical Federation (FAE) in the year 1995

- Competition Pilot (1990) ratified by the Spanish Aeronautical Federation (FAE) 1995

* Champion of Asturias 1.993

* Champion of Galicia 1.997

- Tandem paragliding pilot since 1996, more than 3,500 tandem flights made.

-Pilot for paragliding enterprises such as Eolo, Windtech and Airex.

“ Flying is in addition to a passion, a lifestyle where you never stop learning, never stop evolving. It teaches and educates.

It teaches you to be patient, control your fears, to know your limits, to direct your emotions, to accept, to respect, to tolerate, to share, to be solidary, to overcome yourself ...
Always gets you in your zone.

When you feel the wind blowing in your face you leave aside your reality. At that time your personal adventure begins ..., each day is different. Each flight is a new challenge. ”


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